Autonomous Collective is a NYC-based arts company with no formal leaders structured around a bottom-up anarcho-syndicalist model which stresses direct democracy and collaboration between equals. Founded in 2011 our mission is to create art of exceptional scope and depth, for the people by the people; and by doing so to promote workers solidarity, egalitarianism, and positive social and political change through example and activism.

We are Autonomous Collective. We are a community of worker-artists centered around egalitarianism, direct democracy, and the collaborative process. We are Culture From Below.

No Gods, No Kings, No Artistic Directors.

Please like us on facebook and donate to keep us going. We are a 501 (c) 3 Non-Profit through Fractured Atlas.

Legal Disclaimer

All writings reproduced by us are in the public domain and/or reproduced with permission. The views expressed in these writings do not necessarily reflect those of Autonomous Collective, it’s members or associates.